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Educate yourself! Become an expert on climate change and social change, and learn the actions you can take to help.

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Get skilled-up with these online courses about climate change and what you can do about it.

Each online skill-up uses interactive activities and multimedia to teach you skills you can use on organizing, movement-building, and climate change. Courses include: intro and advanced campaigning, causes of climate change, how to have climate change conversations, movements, divestment, and much more!

Having Climate Change Conversations

Climate Change Science 101

How Social Movements Win

Introduction to Campaigning

Advanced Campaigning Lessons



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This is an innovation in online teaching. These lessons are more interactive than academic courses and allow anyone to participate at anytime anywhere — so very different from in-person trainings. We decided that instead of calling them online trainings or online courses, a new name was needed. We call these online skill-ups because they are designed to skill you up. Read more about our philosophy of these innovative courses.


These courses are intended to be accessible to everyone. They can work on phones, tablets, computers and more, and work with high-quality internet and small bandwidth. They meet accessibility criteria regardless of disability, conforming to Section 508 in the United States, and the Equality Act in the UK. If you have any technical troubles or appreciations, please leave us a note.